Mage Cast

#066 - "The Return of the Queen" (Metroid Dread)

January 03, 2022 Little Fella Media Season 4 Episode 66
Mage Cast
#066 - "The Return of the Queen" (Metroid Dread)
Show Notes

The controversy surrounding Metroid Dread, difficulty vs accessibility, challenge vs fairness, the trustworthiness of reviews vs first impressions, and why slapping an easy mode on everything doesn't solve everything... I'm the Well-Red Mage and this is Mage Cast feat. Bill Tucker of A Gamer Looks At 40!

Guests:  @agamerlooksat40


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Music: "Title theme" & "The Theme of Samus Aran" by Kenji Yamamoto, Sayako Doi, Soshi Abe

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